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[concorso internazionale]


liepaja - lettonia

piscina termale

vito maria benito vozza
francesco maria gabriele vozza
roberto duraccio

The idea stems from the awareness that the study area is an interstitial place between the residential city and the sea, between what is and what is man-made nature; engages in a hidden location, incorporated bravely and, for the most part, in the ground; not glimpse along the roads of Kaleju Street and Sunu Street in order to keep free from visual telescope towards the sea. The project consists of three volumes: two for the functions and one for the connection of these. The parking lot is located in the north of the area where it was thought best to flush connected by roads, in this case Robezu Street. The first building, the semi-basement houses the hotel rooms complete with private facilities, the reception and the restaurant. The building has a rectangular shape and extends along the perimeter of freeing up the courtyard as a meeting place and leisure activities; this interior space is outdoors and it is illuminated in a direct manner considering that the coverage of the same has an inward curve in order to have direct illumination. The other building that houses the functions of a parallelepiped is completely full, a single monolithic block completely open basement which houses the thermal water pool, small thermal water pool, small pool with attractions, children's pool, the massage rooms and treatment rooms, a lounge bar , juice bar, gym, locker wardrobe areas, first aid room. Connection point of the two volumes above is a cylinder that serves to connect the ground level with the basement level. It consists of two cylinders, one inside the other, with a ramp inside lit by arched openings along the internal perimeter. The highest part of the tower is open all along the circular perimeter and serves as the viewpoint in order to have several points of view. In assessing the relationship between the design of new urban landmark with the existing fabric, we have paid particular attention to the design and calibration of the design of the spaces and the relationship with the roads that have made us as a guide, to create, as expected, a new condition landscaping that enhances the relationship with the existing monumental and environmental.